Saturday, September 6, 2008

Waiting for Hanna

We are waiting for Tropical Storm Hanna to arrive in NJ today. I think I should save some maps and satellite images so I can use them in class on Monday. When crazy things are going on with the weather it gives me a lot to talk about in my Meteorology class.

I guess I should start this blog with one of the first quilts that I ever made. I made this quilt about 20 years ago when I pretty much knew nothing about quilting. I knew how to sew because I had done that since high school, but quilting was just something I read about and decided to try. This quilt has hung on our wall for 20 years, but I recently gave it to my SIL, Denise. It never had a name for those 20 it is called Denise's Quilt. Why did I give it away after so many years? Denise has always loved this quilt. Every time she came to our house she commented how much she loved the quilt. I decided to give her the quilt last Christmas. I did not expect the reaction that I got. She started to cry. We hung the quilt on her wall this year on Easter. The photo is me in front of the quilt hanging in it's new location. Apparently she tells everyone that comes to her house the story of the quilt and she sits at her dining room table so she can look at the quilt as she has her meals. She wrote me the most wonderful thank you note that I will treasure forever.

Why does Denise love the quilt so much? She loves that when you look at it, you can see different patterns. It was basically the quilt that I learned to quilt on. I did not know anything about rotary cutters and traced and cut out each piece by hand. I did not know that you are supposed to press seams to one side and I pressed all seams open. The quilting stitches are irregular, but all that does not matter to Denise...she loves it just the way it is.

So what did I hang on the wall in it's place? We now have a Halloween scrap quilt hanging there. We love Halloween in our house so this quilt will hang year round until I make another quilt to take it's place. Will post the Halloween quilt in my next blog.



  1. Welcome to the blogging world! grin

    I hope you enjoy it - it is nice to read a bit about you. I hope Hanna doesn't bother you too much. I haven't had CNN on all day so don't know whether there were any repercussions in your part of the world. I am sure you will enjoy your blog.

  2. Great way to start your blog.. love your Halloween quilt.. it is almost that time of year.. can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve especially with all these classes going on!!
    Deb in toronto

  3. What a wonderful story - quilts like this have the ability to warm you twice: once if you are under them but secondly they warm the heart!


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