Saturday, September 6, 2008

Halloween All Year Round

Hanna is here and we are having a lot of rain. Thank goodness the winds are not too bad. We really need the rain since we hardly had any all summer so I guess we should not complain.

In my previous post I mentioned that we have a Halloween quilt hanging on our wall even though it is not Halloween. From a distance it just looks like a scrap quilt and does not really look like Halloween quilt at all. If you look at the quilt up close you can see that it has Halloween fabrics in it and a quilted spiderweb in the borders.

This is one of the first quilts I made when I first got my Janome 6500 4 years ago. I had a stash of Halloween fabrics that I had collected from fabric sales after Halloween. I thought the quilt would use up a lot of fabrics from my stash, but I have enough to make a couple more quilts!

We do like Halloween in our house so I am in no rush to make another quilt to hang in this location. With my daughter away at school I don't look forward to Halloween as much as when she was young and I used to make her a costume. I probably won't do as much decorating as I usually do. I have another quilt to hang as we get closer to Halloween, but you will have to wait until October to see that one!



  1. I love your Hallowe'en quilt! I also save Hallowe'en fabrics and this is such a cool idea for using them!

    Also, let me congratulate you on your blog! You are off to a great start - looking good!

  2. Saw your 'notice' on the yahoo group learning fa about your new blog so thought Iwould venture over to see. Love the halloween quilt, and the spider web quilting! Come visit me sometime too... at Miss Snips Notebook


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