Friday, December 5, 2008

The Santas are Done!

I finished the Santas this morning. I thought that I would have only been starting to make them today, but instead they are all finished. That is such a good feeling when you finish a project! I can remove one of the items from my to do list. Before I pack them up to send to my ornament exchange buddies I took a couple of pictures of them so you could see how they turned out. If you don't mind paper piecing it is and easy ornament to make. I have seen a lot of paper piecing ornament patterns in the past, but nothing like this one. Today I guess I will start the next item on my list of things to card exchange with the Thread Society group. I only have to make one card, but I got one of the talented moderators as my exchange partner. I have never made a fabric card before so this will be a first. I am excited about doing it, but I have not decided what I am going to make yet. Hopefully I will get started on it today. I am waiting for the creative juices to start flowing.....

Meanwhile I am baking pumpkin bread to send to my daughter in college. Next week is her last week of classes and then she has finals. I'm sure she could use something good to eat during this stressful period.

I received an ornament from one of my exchange partners yesterday. It was so nice coming home last night and finding a package in my mailbox. The beautiful ornament I received was from Flicsha. She sent me some candy and some mint tea as well. During the night I heard a ruckus in the kitchen and I had to get up to check it out. My cat was on the table chewing on the bag of mint tea! I guess mint and catnip both attract cats. I hope he enjoyed it because I won't be able to now.


  1. Chris, I love your Santas. I think I will dig out my MiniQuilt magazine and give them a go - stuffing them is awesome. Joyce in bC

  2. These are just adorable, Chris! They will surely be treasures on the recipients trees! Nice job!

  3. Chris these are so cute. And, even better... I think I still have that magazine. I'm close to finishing a wall hanging... so I know that great feeling of finishing something. Bonnie

  4. I love your Santa's Chris....can you share what pattern it is...I wouldn't mind giving them a go.
    Hugs Khris


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