Monday, December 1, 2008

Paper Piecing Santa Ornaments

Today I was so sick I stayed home from work, but decided to get some quilting done. I have to make 5 ornaments for an ornament exchange in the Like Minded Artist group so I decided to start to work on this project. I found the paper piecing pattern in Miniature Quilt Magazine from November 1996. I still have all of my miniature quilt magazines and I still pick out projects to make from them. I searched through my scraps last weekend to get ready for this project. I thought that doing the paper piecing would take a long time, but it only took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes to piece all of the Santas. Each Santa has 13 pieces and will be 6 inches long when it is done. For the first time I did not have to rip out any seams after making a mistake! I usually make at least one mistake while paper piecing.

Now I have to sew on some backing fabric, turn and stuff the Santas. I think I will use seed beads or french knots for eyes. I hope the people that are going to receive the ornaments will like them. Right now I am ready for some cold medicine and a nap!

........I am back from my nap and I have sewn and turned the Santas. They are a lot smaller once they are turned. The directions said to use a piece of batting during the layering and sewing. Also it said to leave a side open for turning. The first one I sewed I followed these instructions. I did not like the batting and I removed it. I also did not like leaving a side open. I sewed that shut and cut a slit in the back of the ornament for turning. I will be putting a tag on the back of the ornament so the slit will be covered by the tag. I think they came out cute! I guess my job tonight while I watch TV is to stuff them. I can't believe how far I got on this project today. I thought for sure it was going to take all week to make these ornaments.


  1. I love your little Santas Chris.

    You do such nice work. I am so pleased that you are a member of Learningfa - and contribute so much to the group. I hope you are feeling much better.


  2. Shirley,
    Thanks for your kind comments. I am looking forward to creating the class I will be teaching next May for the group.

  3. Oh my gosh! the Santas are so cute!

    Pat H.

  4. I just love all of your ornaments. They would make a tree look so pretty, much more so than the shiny things at the stores.

  5. I can't wait to see these finished. They look great!


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