Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dancing Away the Blues

Well my square dance quilt is quilted and washed and ready to use. All I did was quilt in the ditch, but even that took a long time. I realized while quilting it how much I don’t like moving around a lap size quilt under my domestic machine. I can’t imagine quilting anything larger than lap size this way. It makes me want a long arm quilting machine and frame. Dream on….


The goal for this quilt was to use up blue squares in my stash from a fabric exchange as well as use up more blues for the back of the quilt. Here is the back of the quilt showing how I used up the rest of the blue squares as well as some other fabrics in my stash. I also used different light blues/whites for the binding. Even though I used up quite a bit of fabric, I still have more in my closet.


The parade yesterday in NYC was great. The weather was fantastic and we had a really good time.



  1. Wonderful finish Chris! Glad the weather was good for the parade.

  2. I love the colors, beautify job

  3. It looks beautiful Chris! It certainly is a keeper.

    I was hoping we would get the New York parade on TV but we didn't, so I couldn't see you walking -

    I am glad you had fun. Now that St. Patrick's day is over spring should follow. Shirley

  4. It turns out that the parade was running late because in one of the first bands that marched a drummer collapsed and died of a heart attack. Because it was so late by the time we stepped off, we were not on TV. They had already taken down the camera equipment. My husband has marched 5 times and was only on TV twice.

  5. This is just lovely Chris! You did such a beautiful job on both the back and the front! Terrific work! And..glad you had fun at the parade!!


  6. Great job, Chris! I love it!
    And a belated Happy St. Patrick's Day. Isn't it great that you were on break and able to go to NYC for the parade.

  7. Chris the colors are just wonderful, yu go girl.


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