Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Handsome Hubby, the Piper


My sister found this great photo of my husband online.  Last weekend started parade season for his pipe and drum band, St. Anne’s of Hampton, NJ.   I think this is a really good photo of him.  He has one parade today and two parades tomorrow.

His band will be marching in NYC on Tuesday, March 17.  This will be his 5th NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade.  I will be walking with other family members behind this band down 5th Avenue. I really enjoy the parade. If one of your TV stations carries the parade you may see us.  I am hoping for good weather.  Most years it has been cold and windy….good days to pass around the single malt!



  1. How exciting to be part of such a big parade!
    Janet Hartje

  2. Scranton had a huge parade from what we could see on TV. And, there were at least 1 bag pipe group. Was he visiting north eastern PA today? Cool hobby. One of my favorite records from my growing up time was a Angel record of bag pipers. Most of the records my folks had were classical. So, I assume my mom thought pipers were part of the classical tradition. Have fun on Tuesday. It should be warm for a change.

  3. That's a great picture. He obviously loves what he does. Have a wonderful time at the parade.


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