Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get the Muscle Relaxants Ready!!!

Well I have the panda mystery quilt ready to be quilted. It was killing my back and neck just to pin it...can't wait to start the quilting...ouch. My daughter is coming home next week so I want to make sure it is done. She turned 20 yesterday and this will be one of her gifts for her birthday. I sent her an Hello Kitty watch and a carrot cake. Yes even a 20 year old loves Hello Kitty. Her big gift was her MIT class ring. I guess the class rings are a big deal at MIT. They bused them from Cambridge to Boston for the ring ceremony.

She will be glad when the semester is done because it has been a lot of work. I am looking forward to her coming home. Hopefully she will want to help me create some rust dyed fabrics.



  1. I had a panda 'teddy' bear when I was little! I'll bet your daughter will love this. Who doesn't like pandas?

  2. I hear ya. You pin your quilt closer than I do. Use some gel ice packs too for your aching back. I got mine at the Chiro's.


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