Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I hope you all are having a pleasant day. Unfortunately I will not be able to see my daughter since she is still finishing her semester at MIT. I did receive a nice package in the mail from Rust-Tex from her. I have been wanting to do some rust dyeing and this little package will be just what I need to get started.

My package consisted of an instruction CD, rust flakes, rust dust and tannin. Now that my semester is over I will be able to start enjoying quilting everyday. I am anxious to see what I can create with the rust.

Enjoy the rest of your day.



  1. You must have finished grading and finals. Freedom... as you hadn't posted since April! Rust dyeing.... sounds interesting. don't forget to share when you've done some! Happy Mom's day. B.

  2. It's so nice that your daughter got you something you wanted. It makes for such a meaningful gift. Enjoy!

  3. I have that CD too. It's a good one. I just went to garage sales this weekend and picked up some fun rusty things. It will be fun to see what you create. Happy Mother's Day.


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