Thursday, June 10, 2010

Panda Progress

This week I am finally doing some quilting.  I stitched the pandas to the background fabric and put the sashing around them.  The border fabric is not sewn yet.  I barely had enough border fabric.  This was a kit and I really hate it when they barely give you enough fabric to cut out what you need to cut out.  I had to cut the borders about 1/4 inch thinner than the instructions. 
Once I have the borders sewn onto the quilt I will be appliqueing bamboo in various places on the quilt top.
pandas1 I am thinking of binding the quilt in yellow.  Will have to see how that looks when I work on it tomorrow.  Enough for today.  I have to go and exercise…..

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  1. I think yellow binding should really pop! It's looking good.


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