Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Wasn’t Sure…..

…if I was going to blog again.  I have been busy finishing the semester as well as getting new hardwood flooring in our family room.  That involved painting trim and walls.  We got the flooring installed last Friday, but still have not put the room back together yet. Our weekends have been so busy that I looked forward to Mondays and going to work to relax!

At any rate I was not able to do much in Elizabeth’s course that I was taking at QU.  I did manage to sketch out a gate and stone wall from a photo we took in Ireland and then cut out part of the image and manipulate it in Photoshop.  Here are my sketches.  I am not sure if I will be making a quilt from either of these sketches.  One thing for sure is that I will make some more sketches now that the semester is over.  I also have a lot of quilts to finish working on this summer as well as revising a lab manual for one of my courses.  Revising a lab manual is always a lot of fun…not a great way to spend the summer, but it has to be done.


chrisnj_3 Here is a photo of our two kitties (now 10 months old).  I just finished packing away some of my antique quilts in the cedar chest and put a couple on top with some of my old cloth dolls.  They found this spot to nap really quickly.


On the weight loss front I am now down nearly 30 pounds and my doctor doesn’t want me to lose much more weight.  I had to buy all new clothes and that has been a lot of fun.


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  1. Congratulations on all of your hard work from weight loss to home remodel. Buying all new clothes is a great reward for losing weight. I love your sketches!


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