Friday, January 25, 2013

Way Ahead on this Challenge

I cannot believe that I am a month ahead on my next 12 inch by 12 inch challenge. The word is BLUE and it is due near the end of February. My husband one day said I should make a quilt with blue cheese. So I thought about it and decided that might be worth trying. The question was how to make “blue cheese” fabric. I decide to try flour resist and blue fabric paint.

You spread flour paste onto fabric and wait for it to dry. Once it dries you crunch it up to crack the flour and then paint over it and then allow that to dry for 24 hours. After that you wash out the flour and heat set with an iron.  Here is a picture of the painted fabric from the front and from the back while it was still wet.


And here is my challenge quilt called “Still Life with Blue Cheese and Figs.” I washed it after it was quilted to try to give the blue cheese texture.

After I made the quilt my husband said that he was only joking about making a quilt with blue cheese! Oh well too late now….
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