Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Busy Start to the Year

I have a few things that I am working on. In December I joined a second challenge group called Fifteen by Fifteen. Every other month a theme word is given we have to make a 15 inch by 15 inch quilt. The group has a blog with our profiles and our quilts when they are revealed. The link to the blog is Our first reveal will be near the end of January. The theme was LINE. I cannot reveal my quilt yet which I finished yesterday, but here is a sneak peak.

The idea for this came from my husband. This is only a small sliver of the actual quilt.

I am currently taking a class called Flower Power with Susan Brittingham at Quilt University. Here is the sketch of the flower I will be working on. This one will be a blue-violet flower with a yellow center. I am really into contrasting colors these days. You can see that in my 15 by 15 challenge too since that one is orange and blue.

I have not made many flower quilts. In fact I have only made one other flower quilt of daisies years ago called “Crazy about Daisies” since daisies are my favorite flower. Here is a photo of that quilt.

Crazy about daisies

This morning I stitched down the pieces in my grayscale forest quilt that I think I am going to name “Lions, Tigers and Bears…Oh My.” This was made from fabric that I dyed last fall in an Elizabeth Barton class at Quilt University.

I also decided that I should pull out a project and finish it this year. I really enjoyed the hand quilting that I did last year when I finished my husband’s “Scotland the Brave” quilt. I was able to take the quilt with me to Pittsburgh when I had to help out my sick parents. Here is the completed quilt.

I am thinking that I might have to do that again this year so I am looking for a hand project. I started an Hawaiian quilt years ago. That is the project that I will finish this year. I have about 1/4 of the appliqué done. I will have to get out the instructions on needle turn appliqué to refresh my memory on how to do it. This was started in another Quilt University class a long time ago.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how much we forget when we haven't worked in a particular technique for awhile? At one point I was diligently working through Baltimore Album applique techniques until I felt so proficient no applique design daunted me. But the blocks got set aside before I finished all I planned to do, and I haven't done much applique of any kind for several years. When I got out another old project with very pointy leaves, I realized I'd totally forgotten the tricks to making those lovely points! You should be able to pick up the Hawaiian applique fairly quickly though I'd think. Good luck - you have a lot of good projects lined up for the year.

  2. You do awesome work your Scottish quilt...hugs Khris


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