Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sneak Peak

I forgot that I should not show my Fifteen by Fifteen challenge quilt until all the quilts are revealed on March 31. So the blog I had posted the other day I deleted. Sorry to Bonnie since she had posted a comment on that blog. Bonnie, you will just have to pretend that you didn’t see anything!

The quilt looks different since it was quilted anyways. It looks much better. Here is only a sneak peak…

Thanks for looking.



  1. Ok, so I won't give away what I saw before you deleted. Suffice it to say the imagery matches what I saw on my trip last weekend - something I want to play with myself some day. As for how to add the tiny detail, I have a pre-programmed embroidery stitch on my machine that works well to make those. I definitely would do it in stitch and not fabric.

  2. Thanks. I did do it in stitch and it came out good. I stitched the birds by hand which was really easy to do. I used a pearl cotton by Thread Art. It is a little thinner than the usual pearl cotton. It was recommended by Carol Ann Waugh in her Stupendous Stitching class on Craftsy. I always like pearl cotton more than floss and this stuff is very nice.


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