Friday, February 22, 2013

Lesson Learned

I guess I am not too old to learn things. Unfortunately sometimes the lesson is not pleasant. Take my blue flower for example….I had it quilted and blocked and ready for binding and I did not like it. Well that won’t be the first quilt that I did not like that I made! So I decided to try to add a border. I read about the process and it did not seem too hard and it wasn’t. I made it more difficult by not just adding one border, but by adding two borders. However, the blue flower while it looks a lot better it certainly is not great.

The trouble with a thin yellow border against the dark blue is that every imperfection shows. Oh well at least it is done.
So what lesson did I learn? You can add a border after the quilt is done, but it is better to add it before you quilt it. I think I will ask myself if a quilt needs a border before assuming that it does not! I will think carefully the next time. And that is certainly a lesson worth learning.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Aw Chris -- your quilts are always a joy to see. Interesting and artistic. I like popping over to see what you are up to. Sorry to hear about your cat. It's funny how these animals worm their way into our hearts. We kept saying we wouldn't get any more dogs after our Springer died in 08. By early 09 we had another dog and a couple of years later we ended up with our daughter's dog. Ok, so how did I end up with 2 dogs when we were through with them?

  2. I'm thinking your choice of yellow against the blue is simply wonderful -- a spark of contrast. And I love your flower. I can see nothing with which to quibble! You are being too hard on yourself!


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