Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Old Cellar Door

The reveal for the 15 by 15 challenge group is tomorrow. I am going to be busy packing for Paris (yes you read that correctly) so I will not have time to post tomorrow.  So here it is today.
The theme this time was TEXTURE. The first thing that came to mind when I thought about the theme 2 months ago was the texture of an old wooden door. I have been fascinated by old doors and windows for quite a while now. In fact my goal in Paris is to take photos of old windows and doors and unusual shots of old building for quilt inspiration.

The fabric I chose from my stash for the door was a Stonehenge fabric. The rusted lock is a reddish fabric. I used oil pastels to shade the lock. The rusting lock creates streaks of iron oxide on the wood below the lock so those were also shaded in with oil pastels. This is the first quilt where I used oil pastels and I found them very useful for this kind of project. I used Tsukineko markers to create the cracks in the wood and the space between planks. The wood was quilted using a variegated thread with tans, browns and greens in it.
The next theme is TIME. I think I already know what I am going to do for that theme.
Thanks for reading and I will post photos of our trip to Paris when I get back. We are taking our daughter with us so we should have a fantastic time. We all need a vacation. I just wish I knew some French. Pretty much all I know is Bonjour!


  1. Wow Chris! You are really evolving with your work. I love this one. Honestly, I love almost every single one of your pieces and the rest I just like a lot! So was each grain line sewn with the variegated thread?

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Paris. There much to see there. We spent a lot of time in museums. I took photos of old pottery because of the wonderful color combinations. Enjoy.

  2. Another great detail piece. Safe travels - looking forward to seeing what inspiration you capture to bring home.

  3. OMG Chris this is fantastic...you are so clever. Hugs Khris


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