Monday, February 3, 2014

Design Wall Monday

IMG_0166I have a snow day today so I was working on my Paris Roof Tops for my Master Class with Elizabeth Barton. It was due at the end of January, but I had a lot going on in January and missed the deadline. My husband’s knee is still infected (this is from his arthroscopic knee surgery on Dec 23.) and my mom died on January 18 after a 2 year battle with kidney cancer. So January was a hard month. Looks like February is going to be just as stressful with this knee infection. He is on his 3rd antibiotic and if this one does not clear it up he will be doing the IV stuff in the hospital. Maybe that is why my last blog post was so negative! I certainly can’t blame it on hormones….

I decided to do the quilt in a monochromatic color scheme which Elizabeth suggested that we do. I had a gradation of yellow greens that I had dyed in one of her classes at QU in 2012 so I decide to use them and just 2 commercial fabrics (one fossil fern and one dark green). Since I only had quarter yards of the fabrics I had to edit my sketch as well as dyeing a piece big enough for the sky.

I was concerned that the lightest fabrics were not light enough once I had this all blocked out, but decide to send it off to Elizabeth for her input. This is her feedback which made me really happy.

“I think this works very well, the lighter sky isn't essential...don't worry about it..the graphic elements of the dark chimney lead you around very nicely to the little surprise of the rooftop balcony!!  I'm so glad you've been able to get something done...The piece has a nice sense of calmness and stability to it that is very satisfying. It's not quite finished, but I know it will be - it's worth it!”

The size of this piece is 19 by 29 inches. I decided to cut out the bottom part of the sketch due to time and amount of fabric available. I have to remember that for this class I have to make a quilt from sketch to finish in a month. I need to keep thinks simpler to make the deadlines.

What do you think? Maybe this should be the first of a rooftop series!

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  1. Oh yes, I like what you have done.

  2. What a great roof top. Is it from a photo you took during your vacations or did your imagination create it. Either way it is interesting and the colors work so well. I always admire your work. And isn't it nice to have the teacher affirm what you have going in this piece.

  3. Bonnie, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It is from a photo I took in Paris last summer. I tried to take photos that I could make into quilts. I was great to see that Elizabeth liked it. I admire her work and any praise from her is great!

  4. There ya go - a reason to think series! I'm still going to respond to your last post, probably in a post of my own, but in the meantime I'm so glad you've gotten this positive feedback. I do like this piece and agree that it does have a peaceful feel to it - amazing considering what you've been going through. I would never have thought to go with that color but it works so well. Onward!


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