Thursday, February 6, 2014

Still on the design wall

But at least the pieces are now stitched down. I think the only reason I am this far on this piece is that we had 2 snow days this week. I am so far behind in the classes that I teach due to this weather. Can’t wait for this winter to be over!

Paris Rooftops

Now I have to work on February’s lesson for Elizabeth Barton’s master class. The lesson this month is to make a quilt showing motion. Our 3 sketches are due by Feb 10. I have to get them done now or I won’t make the deadline.

I guess I am fascinated with the motions created by the wind because all three of my sketches are of the wind. I teach meteorology so I guess that should not be a big surprise. Two of the sketches are of trees blowing in the wind and one is of windmills blowing in the wind.


 Diagonal tree branches showing motion.

Feb_CS_sketch3 Curvy tree blowing in the wind. Curvy motion emphasized by the circular pattern in the background.


Windmills with blades oriented different directions to imply that the windmills are spinning and not spinning in synch.

I wonder what Elizabeth will say about these sketches. Will she say that they show motion or not? Will she say the compositions are good or not? Isn’t it funny how we want the approval of our teachers?

What do you think? Do these show motion? Thanks as always for stopping by and reading my blog.

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  1. Sure they show motion, I like it.

  2. I think each one conveys motion well. As to which is best-it will be interesting to see what Elizabeth says.

  3. In a quilting context, the sense of motion could be enhanced by offsetting the shapes, or some of them, with quilted lines?

  4. The trees show lots of motion, the first is more abstract, and I really like the 2nd, you could have so much fun with the background colors/painting. I'm not sure about the windmills, is it difficult because they are not organic shapes? I'd be interested in her comments too. Great work!

  5. Thanks for all the input. Right now I am torn between the windmills and the moon/tree. Will think about this for a while.

  6. All 3 sketches are good but I think the moon tree one shows motion the most. The windmills would look more motion like in fabric because you could quilt the sky to make it look like wind created by them.

  7. The windmill composition is my favorite. It seems especially original for a quilt.

  8. I like the windmills a lot. I looked at some photos of them and thought, But I can't make them move. You did!


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