Friday, February 7, 2014

Decision time again

Well I just got the feedback on my sketches for movement. Just when you think you have things figured out….you don’t really.

I am torn between the windmills and the moon/tree one. The one with the tree branches was not a favorite of mine nor of Elizabeth’s. Too much to fix there. Would be easier to start over with a different idea.

Here is what Elizabeth said about the windmills:

“Very much like the sense of the windmills turning - and being at different angles certainly enhances you've got the movement, but the arrangement of them isn't very interesting...I would cut out little windmill shapes and arrange them in a more interesting present you've got almost equal negative spaces between the four on the right, and pretty similar space and spaces for the little ones on the vary their size and position more - and do you really need the landscape lines in the back ground?  but the windmills themselves - great idea!!  They are beautiful, even though people are saying NIMBY!!  travelling in Northern Ontario I was struck by how each farm had a windmill or two and a 1/4 acre or so of solar panels as well....”

Feb_CS_sketch1 The background was not really landscape, but variations in the intensity of the sky at sunset. It will be easy to move the windmills around and find a more pleasing arrangement. I suppose they came out this way in the photo because of the way they are positioned in the “real world”. I know what still remains my problem is that I take a photo and draw the sketch from it without thinking about the composition. I need to break out of interpreting a photo literally.

This quilt I would make the same size as my other windmill quilt. (15 in by 15 in). So you see I will have a series!

The other quilt called Gathering the Wind. I guess the new one will be Gathering the Wind II.

Here’s what Elizabeth said about the moon/tree one.

“It's spooky!!  you do have good movement, the moon is circled with clouds - and the branches move in the same way!!  There's a great flow around the moon - a little too centered, by the way...and the branches just a little too even - but just a tiny adjustment here and there would do it.  the biggest problem to fight here would be the familiarity of the would be good to have something in there that only you have noticed! Three good moving wind images!!  As totally befits a meteorologist!”


Would you picked the windmills? I am really fascinated with windmills so this would be an easy choice for me.

Or would you pick the moon/tree one? I would be easy to make things less regular. What little surprise could be added? An owl in the tree? But then where to put him?

Thanks for reading.



  1. I was really taken with the moon/tree sketch, felt it the best of the three. However, I too have a thing for windmills. Still, if you're looking for a design that without doubt shows motion, then the tree backlit by moon is it. As for what surprise to add, that's a tough one. An owl would not be much of a surprise. What else roams the night but isn't often included?

  2. I like the windmills. You don't see those here in my area of Tennessee. I also like the tree but the windmills are my favorite.

  3. okay finally coming up for air from working on my assignment (OMG movement is hard!) I like the windmills just because they are doable in 30 days- you already have a little series going AND E is right - the moon tree composition is really familiar. Can't wait to see it!


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