Thursday, March 27, 2014

Give me a real tree any day…

Well I finished the line quilt and am not too sure about it. It’s OK, but not great. Or maybe I am just beating myself up?

I think I would have preferred making a line quilt from scratch rather than from a quilt that I already made. Or maybe I just picked the wrong quilt to make this one from for the lesson. I would have rather done something with lines like those created by a fire escape, telephone lines, a sailing ship riggings, or a suspension bridge.I think those would have been more fun. At least this was a challenge.

I had such a hard time picking fabrics and a color scheme for this one so that must say something. I think at least I did a good job of that. And I did get to practice free motion quilting and putting a facing on a quilt for the first time. I still like sewing on binding better! This one was hard because of the thickness of the fusible web at the edges of the quilt especially the right hand side. That could always be an issue for me since I do a lot of fusible. I guess it will get easier with time and practice.

So here is the original quilt called California Dreaming.

california dreaming2

Here is my remade line quilt from the trees in the background.

Not sure what I should call this quilt. It came out 16 in by 20 in.  Any ideas for a title?
  • California Dreaming 2?
  • The Dark Woods?
  • Between the Shadows?
  • Ancient Pines?
  • Give Me a Real Tree Any Day? 
Just being silly with the last one! I hate to say it, but I might like the original quilt better than the remake. Sorry, EB.

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  1. I don't have a suggestion for a title....although something about dark woods catches me. I would not title it California Dreaming 2. My reason is that even though you used the original as the starting point, I would let this piece stand on it's own. Honor it as an original. BTW, I really like it.

  2. I think I'd vote for Between the Shadows. I realize that although the lines/trees are the main design element, I keep looking beyond them into that space between.

  3. I think it is very good and you should not be beating yourself up in any way. I like it w/o binding. I'd go with Between the Shadows. I think it is quite lovely, but If you aren't happy with it perhaps it's just not finished yet? I'm not familiar with your work, but if you want you could add hand embroidery, beads, applique, etc. Maybe surf the Internet for inspiration. But I wouldn't add very much.

  4. The stars are out tonight? I think you did a really good job at doing an abstract . I am a pictorial person all the way so I totally agree with your "give me a tree any day"statement. I love the original quilt.

  5. Great piece Chris. I love your first piece called California Dreaming and you did a great job with the line abstract in the newest piece. How about "Dark and Starry Woods"? I do love trees too! best, deborah

  6. I like both in quite different ways. I think there is a time to forget the source and just look at the new piece as a thing in itself. That 2 started from 1 is no longer important, nor does your viewer need to know it in order to appreciate it. So I would remove all references to woods or California Dreamin' in the new title. (Sorry I don't have a new title to suggest though, though Abstraction 1 comes to mind.)

  7. I like both the original and the abstraction, Chris, really I do. How about "Can't See the Forest..." (as in 'Can't see the forest for the trees...) ;-)


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