Friday, March 28, 2014

Feedback on “Between the Shadows”

I decided on “Between the Shadows” as the title of my line quilt.

Five of us got feedback on EB’s blog this morning.
My feedback from EB is below. I am Student #4. We are anonymous on her blog.

“I think this came out very well...the lines are beautifully skinny!!  and not boring at all.  I like it that you left some fairly significant negative spaces too which helps to give a sense of depth.  and the two diagonal lines add some variety and a little mystery to it.  Well done.
Here are student 4's comments:". It came out 16 by 20. I did facing for the first time. I still like sewing on binding better. I guess I will get used to sewing facings.
(EB: it's good to try it, but if you prefer the other method, then use it.  Never feel that you have to get used to something when you've something else perfectly legitimate that you prefer.)

It’s OK, but not great. I might like my original quilt more! I think overall I like to do representational quilts more than I like doing abstract ones.
(EB: but you did try, and that's good - now you know you can!)
I think I would have preferred making a line quilt from scratch rather than from a quilt that I already made. I would have rather done something  like the lines created by a fire escape, telephone lines, a sailing ship riggings, or a suspension bridge.I think those would have been more interesting.
EB: All good  very good ideas...I would make a note of them for when you have some extra time)”

So the quilt came out “very well.” That reminds me of lines from Pride and Prejudice which is one of my favorite books.

Elizabeth Bennet: What a beautiful pianoforte.
Georgiana Darcy: My brother gave it to me. He shouldn't have.
Mr. Darcy: Yes, I should've.
Georgiana Darcy: Oh, very well then.
Mr. Darcy: Easily persuaded, is she not?
Elizabeth Bennet: Your unfortunate brother once had to put up with my playing for a whole evening.
Georgiana Darcy: But he says you play so well.
Elizabeth Bennet: Then he has perjured himself most profoundly.
Mr. Darcy: No I said, "played quite well."
Elizabeth Bennet: Oh, "quite well" is not "very well." I'm satisfied.

So I am satisfied with this finish. I did step out of my comfort zone in two ways. First, by making something more abstract and second by sewing facing instead of binding.

All  the dark negative space led to the title of the quilt (Between the Shadows). In June or July we will not have a lesson and will have to make a quilt on our own. It can be from one of the sketches or ideas that we did not use in a previous lesson. I have a couple thoughts on that.

I could make the scene from Edinburgh after editing it based on the feedback from EB.
edinburgh sketch

I could make the tree showing movement also after editing it.
Or I could create another line quilt from scratch for the ideas that I had. I guess I will see how I feel when that time arrives. Right now I am leaning toward something with lines, but that could change before then. One good thing about this class is that we have to generate several ideas which can certainly be used later. Meanwhile I look forward to the lesson for April.

Thanks for reading and for all your support.

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  1. Oh my - your Pride and Prejudice redux cracks me up! Oh those thinly veiled compliments to wit you can wonder about their true meaning.

    But seriously, I thought it a good and fair critique. And now to let your subconscious mull your options for June/July. Something to look forward to...


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