Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Decisions, decisions


I have gathered a bunch of fabrics for the canal houses, but have not done anything else. In the responses to my blog last week about how many canal houses to do came out as follows:

  • 5 houses ---6 votes
  • 7 houses –3 votes
  • No opinion—5 votes

So most folks think that I should do 5 houses. Other comments that came up were that more contrast was needed in some of the houses. I decided that the closest house should have a bit more contrast with the windows and played around in EQ.

Less contrast

Canal houses2

More contrast. I do like having more contrast for that closest building which I guess is what it should have since it would be the one closest to the observer and the most visible in terms of detail. Plus I do like more of the green touches among all that blue.

canal houses 3

Now to deal with my poison ivy. I never should spend time weeding in the yard. Each time I do I get poison ivy!

Thanks for reading. I should try to get moving on this quilt.


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  1. Bummer about the Poison Ivy. I like your contrast on the houses. This is looking like a fun project. Any odd number works best, IMHO


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