Thursday, June 12, 2014

The fork in the road

So should I take the left or the right fork?

I have almost decided that June should be a month of finishing things instead of starting a new quilt. As much as I want to work on the canal houses there are some quilt tops that are still hanging on my design wall . One of them has been hanging there and waiting  to be quilted for 1 1/2 years. I dyed the fabrics in EB’s Dyeing to Design class. I even made the quilt top in the class, but never quilted it. It is not that large at 16 in by 22 in because we only dyed quarter yards of a gray to black gradation. This was the last quilt that I made with my beloved Steam a Seam 2 Lite. This fusible has been off the market for a while now. The latest update is that it will be back this fall. I will buy a bolt of it at that time. I have been using Misty Fuse meanwhile, but some projects just really call for Steam a Seam. Not sure if I really like Misty Fuse. One thing is that I don’t find it as light weight as they claim.


This is my green Paris rooftops from my master class back in January. I just could not get it done in January and it has been hanging out on the design wall ever since. Again this is not that large at 21 in by 29 in.





So I am thinking about finishing these quilts before moving onto something new. Also it might be a good time to do some fabric dyeing, monoprinting, and rust dyeing.

You should check out Nina-Marie’s Off the Wall Fridays. She might have her quilt finished by now. I am looking forward to seeing how it looks and what the other artists have posted.

Thanks for reading and for all your feedback on the canal houses. I think I need to ponder this one a bit more. I am just not ready to start working on it yet. So I will change direction at the fork in the road.



  1. Chris, I know how you feel. I am itching to start a new piece, but I have three started that really need finishing. One is due to be hung in Aug. Just not enough time.

  2. I, too, went on a finishing spree...then my sewing machine made a very loud noise and stopped! So....the sun came out and I've been out there since then dying and printing. Time is too precious to waste. I love the quilts you're making!

  3. Love the Paris Rooftop quilt. Great shapes. lines, contrasts.

  4. Hi Chris
    I really love your work and your designs are great! The trees are so atmospheric and you do have a wonderful way with buildings. Who could have thought that chimney tops could be so beautiful - and such a lovely subtle use of colour.

  5. I know the feeling of staring at a finished art quilt top for weeks/months/years, waiting for brilliance to strike me about how to go about the actual quilting of the quilt. Quilting is not my strongest attribute, which as a 'quilter', makes moving forward daunting at times. I adore the Halloween patchwork at the top of your page!! So sweet!

    Sue Kaufman
    Drums PA
    Facebook: Sue DiMeglio Russell Kaufman


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