Friday, June 20, 2014

Two off the wall on Friday

Yes--- my goal to get the 2 quilt tops that were hanging out on my design wall done this week was met. Both of the quilts are quilted, blocked and faced. I still have to sew hanging sleeves on them, but it was a successful week. I even changed the picture at the top of my blog!

First is the Paris rooftops in olive green fabrics that are hand dyed except for the very light fossil fern fabric.


I am finally really getting the hang of doing a facing instead of binding. I use Terry Aske’s method that can be seen on her blog, Terry Aske Art Quilt Studio. What I like about her method is how square the corners come out as you can see in this photo.







The second quilt that I finished this week is my gray forest.

So it looks like this was a week of finishing some quilts. Now I need to figure out some titles for these two. Do you have any ideas? Sometimes I am so bad at coming up with titles.

Linking to Nina-Marie.

Thanks for reading and commenting and helping me with titles!

Now to put medicine in my cat’s eye since we are dealing with feline herpes once again….



  1. Doesn't it feel good - getting those ufo's finished?

    Sorry I'm too burned out right now to help with names...nothing immediately comes to mind. But they look great! And I'm going to check out that facing tutorial...

  2. The Grass is Greener in Paris! can't think of one as clever for the forest. They are both great by the way!

  3. I love them both! I'm so happy you found my facing tutorial useful - I refer to it every time I do a facing, too - and thanks for including a link to my tutorial.

    Quilt titles: I like the 'titles' you used - Paris Rooftops and Gray Forest.

  4. Wonderful work. I will look up that tutorial when I'm on a bigger device than my phone.


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