Monday, July 21, 2014

“Gossip Central” Feedback

I got feedback on my birds on wires quilt. This is what EB said about it:

This is fun and I think it works really well….if not yet sewn together, I'd reverse the values of the turquoise….and think about contrasting the value of the birds to the background.  also be careful with their placement - the top line divides into two groups rather evenly which leads to an invisible vertical line right in the middle!!!  So a little bit more syncopation….
Very good idea to vary the values like that - gradation is an effective way to indicate movement.  I also wonder if 7 birds per row might help to avoid some of the very balanced symmetry - though I do know that the Adagio has a solid 6 beats per bar in the bass clef!! But not in the right…so you could actually omit a bird from the top line and push a couple closer together and that would work well…create just a little more interest.Very nice idea, and lovely evocative outlines!

So I started on working on the revisions right away. I was not convinced about putting the dark turquoise at the top and the light one at the bottom. If I was a betting person I would have bet that this would not work at all. Boy was I wrong!!!!  Idaho Beauty convinced me to give it a try.

I am still working on the bird fabrics. Not sure I am happy with what is in my stash. I am dyeing some reds today and then if none of those work it is off to the quilt store tomorrow. I have lots of blues in my stash but very little reds especially after making two Christmas quilts.


This is what EB said about the revised quilt.

And now we see it with the rearrangement I suggested: See how the contrast in values helps set up extra rhythms!



I never would have thought to have set it up this way. What do you think about the revision?

The title was given to me by someone in an online quilt group that I belong to. It fits it perfectly! Thanks, Janice. Can’t you just see those birds gossiping?

Thanks for reading and commenting.



  1. I like the revised version very much, Chris, but wonder about having so many "dotted" birds in one row (currently on the top)...?

  2. goes from "gee I like that" to YES! What a wonderful course you are taking.

  3. I like this one too. And the extra bird. Can't have enough birds.

  4. I too like the change on the background colors. Good luck getting string reds when dying. I've not always had success with reds. Great project.


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