Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to the original birds

I have tried so many different fabrics for the birds for “Gossip Central”, but I keep coming back to my original birds. I did rearrange them a little and moved a dark to the top wire and the red and white dots to the bottom line. It bothered me that all the light birds were on the top line and all the dark birds were on the bottom line.


I went to the quilt store yesterday and picked up what I thought was the “magic fabric”, but I am not so sure. Here is the fabric. I thought that this would give the quilt a splash of color. I have had several arrangements of the birds using this new fabric, but concluded that more than 2 did not look good.






Here is the quilt with two birds cut out of the “magic fabric”.

At this point I have a bird graveyard of rejected birds on my cutting board. I am not sure if it is better with the original birds or it is just that I have been looking at those birds so long that I am more used to those birds. I even dyed fabric this week, but that turned out too pink. I did not know that reds were so hard to dye since I had never dyed reds before. There are even some of those pink birds in the graveyard.

Linking to Nina-Marie. Seems she is also a little frustrated in her sewing room this week!

Thanks for reading. Would love to hear your feedback. Should I go with the new fabric or the original?



  1. Hi, I just came here from Off the Wall. I like the new fabric, I think. This piece is looking really good. I read the previous entry too - it is always interesting to see how something is evolving.

  2. I really like the 2 new magic birds...though I think the top one needs a tweeked beak...his beak tweeked a bit to make it show up in the fabric.


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