Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just walk away, Renee

That song has been rattling around in my head today. I decided to try a few more things with my “magic fabric” and then let it sit until Monday…..walk away from it. Just walk away, Chrissy.

I thought that I would line up all the possibilities here so I can see them all together. Maybe that would help.



So now to let it simmer for a few days and then just pick one and finish this. This is going back to something that I thought that I had overcome….my over analysis. I sent these to my daughter and usually she just quickly picks one. It is just her gut instinct.

Thanks for reading. You can see why this fabric is magical. So many possibilities for the birds.Of course now the fabric is full of holes!



  1. The lower left is my fav. I like the placement of color best, as well as how the the various bird clusters seem to be in conversation. I thought the piece was based on a favorite song sung at my children's school. You can see a rendition here:

  2. I'm not going to comment because I'm not seeing the distinctions well on my lap-top's monitor...but I think I like the ones with the fewest dotty birds, well sprinkled throughout. :-) And I remember that song...a real heart-break hit!

  3. Um, Chrissy You are over doing this one. I agree with Margaret that I like the one with fewer spotty or light ones. The conversation areas are great. You do such nice work. I love the various shape of the birds. I could be looking out my window and see these shapes all around in trees, on fence posts at the bird feeder. Great piece.


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