Friday, November 21, 2014

Still on the wall


My tumbling blocks is still on the wall. I had to learn to do a good y-seam to sew the individual blocks together. The blocks turned out pretty good. Now I am in the process of sewing the rows together. That is a bit trickier since you have lots of seams that come together in certain spots. This is what I have so far.






My daughter wants this quilt since she loves it and she provided feedback on it. See my last blog about my feedback from her and from EB.



I am thinking of mounting this on a canvas. I have never done that before and thought it might be interesting to do. It might look something like this. I just pasted my photo over a photo of a black painted canvas. I might do dark blue instead of black. What do you think?






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  1. I think it will be wonderful on a canvas. The black sample is very striking; alternatively, if you can find a canvas the exact size you can add borders to use to wrap the canvas.
    Susan Brubaker Knapp has a decent tutorial about how to do this online, which I've printed off and to which I always refer when doing this.

  2. In the photo, the black canvas doesn't show as black, but dark gray--at least on my screen. Try navy, or if you are painting it yourself, try a sponge printed combo of black and navy. If you don't like it, you can always paint over it again! Your piece is looking awesome!

  3. I agree. I think this will look great mounted on canvas and yes, you can wrap fabric over it rather than paint it, depending on your comfort level.


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