Saturday, December 20, 2014

Heading to Boston

We are heading to Boston tomorrow to see our daughter and her boyfriend. Boy are we going to have a car full of stuff…food, gifts, quilts. I am giving her 4 quilts. Three to hang on her walls and one to put on her bed. Here are the wall quilts…”Gossip Central,” “Nothing is Ever as it Seems,” and “Time Zones.”


I am also giving her a queen sized double wedding ring quilt that I made years ago (long before art quilting) and never used. She was pretty young when I made it and she always loved it. It is hand quilted and took about 1000 hours from beginning to end. She said she wanted it when she got married. I decided to give it to her now. It is called “Wedding Rings and White Roses.” I wore white roses in my hair when I was married. I remember her saying that the back of the quilt looked like a white on white quilt. I won Viewer’s Choice at a quilt show with this quilt.






I am thrilled that she still loves the quilt.

Thanks for reading. Now I have to pack.



  1. I'm so glad you shared this other side of your quilting talent. I never would have guessed a wedding ring quilt was in your past. The hand quilting on it is quite magnificent - something to be proud of and so wonderful that there is someone special wanting to take possession of it. No wonder it won a viewers choice award.

    Hope your trip to Boston went well and that you are ready to dive into the new year!

  2. Thanks, Sheila. I started my quilting career as a traditional quilter and for years I only hand quilted.


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