Friday, December 5, 2014

I need a title

The blocks quilt is done, but I am at a complete loss for a title.

I quilted between the blocks and quilted trees in each block as well. The quilt is about the Christo gates that were in Central Park and the only thing that has even come to my mind is “Tumbling Gates.” There has to be something more clever than that.

Any ideas?

It came out around 17 inches by 18 inches. My daughter still has not decided if she wants me to mount it on canvas yet.





Our December lesson is to finish things and evaluate the course as well as ourselves. I have to think about my strengths and weaknesses. Boy that is going to be hard. If you asked me that about my teaching I would have an answer.

Speaking of teaching I only have 3 more days to lecture next week and then my career will be over. Seems really weird after 40 years of teaching. I am actually getting a little sad.

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  1. Hmmmm....I looked up Christo and the project to see if I could find inspiration for a name -- but there is nothing on their site that talks about how they came up with the original idea for "The Gates" or even hints at it. I'm thinking you need not be so literal about the title; that is, you don't have to refer back to either the motif (blocks) or the inspirational source. That said, I have no 'figurative' or metaphorical ideas...just at the moment!

  2. I'm no help at all - I find good names really hard to think off, but I wanted to say how much I like your finished piece.

  3. I see something I'd not seen before. I don't know if you made a change in shading and placement or if my eye just got more alert. I see the optical illusion effect of triangles sometimes being in one block and sometimes in another. And I like that effect very much.

    Titles are my weakness. But with the above in mind I might try to get "moveable" or "shifting" into the title.

  4. I'm a fan of Tumbling Gates. Its plenty clever since the number of people outside NYC who are aware of Christo's installation there is quite limited, it would provoke discussion also. Interesting work.

  5. Hmm...totally brainstorming:
    February in the park
    A cold day in the park
    Christo in the park
    Bare Branches and Fluttering Flags
    Flags Aflutter
    (I don't think you really need to reference the tumbling blocks in the title, since that's not your main message.)

  6. Wonderful piece. Just love how the blocks fall here.


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