Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bag nearly done….

Wow this bag has been an experience in making something with really crappy directions. Things were the wrong size. The directions for the handles were really unclear and I don’t think I did them correctly since I think they ended up being about 1/2 inch too wide. But I am not going to go back and change that now. But you never know it might bug me so much that I will go back and make them again. I still have some fabric.


I still have to put binding over the raw edges on the inside so it looks a little nicer. She has no instructions on how to do that….what a surprise. I’m not even sure the width she has you cut them is correct.  

And of course I have to insert the snaps. The snaps are silver so that should look nice.

This could have gone a lot smoother with good instructions. Instructions should be written so that even someone that does not make bags should be able to easily follow the directions.


Thanks for reading. Linking to Off the Wall Friday a day early. With the whiskey tasting tonight and going to visit my dad tomorrow I will not be at my home computer.



  1. It does look very nice and professionally done. Love the fabrics. I have seen wide straps each sewn doubled together to make the grip part easier to hold onto. I am probable not making that very clear.
    NancyB in AZ

  2. Nancy, thanks for your comments. I do understand what you mean. Believe it or not I did change out the straps for some that are about 1/2 inch thinner. They are are already installed.

  3. Uh oh. Now that I see the mostly finished bag, I recognize it. I've printed the pattern out from a free source thinking to make it from fabric I had left over from the quilt I made earlier this year for my nephew's baby. I thought mom could either use it like a diaper bag of sorts or as the little girl grew, she could use it for travel or treasures. I did scan the directions and puzzled over certain parts. Now I will be extra careful if I decide to go through with making it.

    I've often run into that issue of the flat pockets that are virtually worthless. They need a pleat or gusset on the sides at the least to hold anything. As I look at the photo on the pattern compared to your bag, your handles definitely look wider than in the photo. Glad you changed them out to something more usable and perhaps more sturdy.

    I cannot help but think about one of my dad's favorite sayings - you get what you pay for. If you are indeed using a free pattern, then I guess one might expect some problems. But that doesn't excuse all the other bad patterns out there that we pay dearly for! I can only say thanks for sharing your experience which will now help me avoid some pitfalls (hopefully)!

  4. I am curious whose pattern this is. Can you say? I do find a lot of instructions hard to follow, but not usually wrong. I make a lot of bags. By Annie has great patterns and I have patterns by Amy Butler too. The bag looks good though! Great fabric.

  5. Very nice. The narrower handles look much better. I think my hands would hurt after a while with wide straps. Same reason I really don't want to upgrade my cell phone. Small hands.


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