Monday, March 23, 2015

Bag progress

The directions are not that good on this bag pattern so it is slow going. At this point I have the front and back of the bag done. The front pockets were really a pain the the butt. Following her directions they ended up too close to the top of the bag. So I had to take off the flaps, cut them down a bit, and then install them closer to the pockets.

I think the pockets are pretty much decorative because they sure won’t hold a lot of anything. I got out my Dritz Snap fastener/pliers and one of the rubber rings is missing. Now I have to come up with an alternate way of installing the snaps on the pockets.

Today I am onto installing the zipper and making the sides of the bag. Maybe I will get to the handles. I don’t know why she did not put any interfacing in the handles. Seems like you would need it. She has you put it in the pockets and flaps. I will put interfacing in the handles.


I do love the fabric. It is a heavy cotton fabric so will make a good bag in the end.

We have a busy week this week. Most of the stuff is not fun stuff. The crossed out ones are done.

  • Prius service
  • Mold in the attic (they are here finishing this job)
  • House inspection tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed that they don’t find anything wrong with our septic.)
  • Water test on Wednesday since we have well water. Hope our water is OK
  • Whiskey tasting on Thursday (finally a fun thing to do)
  • Pre-construction meeting on the new house on Friday
  • Drive to Pittsburgh to visit my dad and do his taxes.

Thanks for reading. I think I better straighten things up around the house a bit.



  1. You're a busy lady! Too bad the pattern isn't as good as you are lol! I love your fabrics too.

  2. Great fabric. Is it deco fab? I'm starting a bag too. My friends swear the instructions are great. I decided to use cotton webbing for the handles. I won't be showing pics u until it's done as its a gift. Yuck on mold. Son fixed his problem daughter hasn't. Whiskey tasting sounds interesting.


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