Tuesday, March 31, 2015

If I didn’t have bad luck

I’d have no luck at all….

I forget what song that line came from. We have hit a speed bump with our house sale. The septic failed. Our house was built in 1983 and the regulations were different then than they are now. The laterals for the system are in the water table. So the question now is how many thousands of dollars will it cost us to have it fixed? $30,000, $40,000? What a kick in the butt….That will delay the closing as well. You have to hire an engineer, get permits, get the work done and approved. The county heath department gets involved as well. Yikes….what fun….

I pretty much finished the bag except for the snaps. Dritz is sending me 2 new rubber rings for my snap pliers. So as soon as I get those I can finish this project up. It was nice of them to answer my email and offer to send me replacements for free.

I did end up redoing the straps to make them thinner by about 1/2 inch. I also added black fabric strips to the zipper pulls which the pattern did not call for.







I bound the raw edges inside the bag with black fabric as well so now it looks nice and neat inside.






Maybe we should just offer to put an outhouse in the backyard for the people buying our house! Just trying to find some humor in the situation…

Thanks for reading.



  1. Oh my! I am so sorry.

    NancyB in AZ

  2. I feel your pain. You never know what is going to be a monkey wrench in trying to sell a house. Having had to regrade a section of the yard of a house we'd lived in with no ill affects and buying a house where the well was not on the property things can and do go wrong. I just hope it can be done quickly withou draining the bank account.

    On the other hand your bag looks fabulous! I'm almost done with a Professional Tote" that had excellent directions. All I have left is the center zipper and sewing the main tote, the lining and the main zipper together. I believe it was done by The Creative Thimble and her directions are wonderful. I'de love to make myself a tote bag but I would need really good directions to do so!


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