Friday, April 10, 2015

Oh to be a much loved pet cat….

Chowder2[4] The life of a pet cat always seems so easy to me. We are dealing with a lot of stress with the septic replacement stuff and hugging our cat does seem to help. We have hired the engineer and have paid a bunch of fees so far, but the wheels turn slowly. The town cannot even come out to witness the soil tests until May 6,7.  Do they only have one old guy doing this? Now I know why I hate this town…high taxes and not much for it. Oh yes we live in NJ with the highest property taxes in the nation. Can you tell this is all getting to me?


So after the soil tests the engineer does the plans that have to be approved by the county health department which could take 5 weeks. And then it has to be built. Looks like this could take awhile. Any thoughts of closing in May are shot to hell.

Dritz sent me replacement rubber rings for my snap setting pliers, but they seem too small to me and out of 4 snaps that I practiced setting it failed 3 times. The rubber rings are supposed to hold the snap parts in place, but I don’t think these rings are working very well. I think the snap parts are not sitting straight. So I ordered a new thing to set snaps. I was going to order this right from the beginning and I should have. it will take up less space and I have seen videos online on how to use it.

I did work on the repro quilt and got all the appliqué pieces stitched down. But mostly I have been watching episodes of the Vikings. Can’t seem to settle into anything creative. We did have a very successful house sale last Saturday and sold $1600 worth of stuff.

Here are some more of my favorite cat pics to enjoy. One of these days I want to make a quilt with all of our cats in it.











On a happier note I think they broke ground today for our new house. I just have to keep that end goal in mind. This septic thing has erased most of the positive things I felt for our current house. Maybe I will feel differently once we move.

Thanks for reading and putting up with my negative attitude.


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  1. :-) Nothing quite so soothing as the purr of one's cat(s)... love mine too. Hope the septic thing gets straightened out sooner than expected. Hug!


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