Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Progress on blue abstact quilt

I did make some changes suggested by Sheila from her comments in my last blog. I have also made some progress hand sewing the black pieces in place. I always looks so much better when the pins are removed and the pieces are actually attached to the quilt.

 My sewing closet is finished and loaded with my stuff. I had no problems getting all of my fabric and books as well as art and dyeing supplies into the closet. The only thing I don't like about the wire racks is that some of the plastic boxes have "feet" on them and do not sit flat on the shelves.

Sheila, you might be able to see your padfolio in this photo.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Hah! Yes I can see it, and actually, I'd been wondering if you'd be getting some use out of it. My such a neat and tidy closet. :-) Actually - a little jealous as it is set up much better than mine. I took over the closet running the width of what anyone else would use as a master bedroom, so the shelving is more set up for clothing and since I'm renting, I'm not about to mess with it.

    A suggestion for the problem with the wire shelving. I've cut pieces of either mat board or foam core board to fit over the mesh where it is an issue. You could use cardboard too but it isn't as pretty. ;-)

  2. Hi Chris -- your piece looks great, and so does your storage! RE: containers with 'feet' - perhaps you have some sort of light-weight board (even foam core) you can cut to size and put on top of the wire shelves so they accommodate both footed containers and "non-footed" ones?

    P.S. Tried to reply to your kind comment on my blog post, but got the e-mail returned. Have you changed your e-mail address?


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