Friday, January 29, 2016

Listening to the Eagles and sewing

It has been a crazy few weeks with rock stars dying....David Bowie, Glen Frey from the Eagles, and Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane. And some of these guys are not much older than I am.

I was an Eagles fan from early on. As soon as I heard Take it Easy and Peaceful Easy Feeling I was hooked on them. I remember hearing them on a radio that was in the kitchen of the restaurant that I worked in after my first year in college. I went to see them when they were the backup band for Todd Rundgren of all people. I did not like him, but I did really enjoy the Eagles. Of course this was back when concert tickets were cheap compared to today's standards.

The night my first boyfriend and I broke up back in the late 70's we had gone to a concert with the Eagles, Jackson Browne, and Linda Ronstadt in Arizona. I think the song Best of my Love was playing when I realized it was really over with this guy. This boyfriend dragged me out to Arizona to go to school and then broke up with me not much after we got there! Oh well his loss. Interestingly enough he contacted me via a card and letter about 5 years ago. He basically apologized for treating me so badly. I guess he wanted to see me. I was actually a bit freaked out since he had to go online and track me down. I showed my husband the note, but never responded to it.

I saw the Eagles again with my husband a few years ago. So I was sad to see that Glen Frey died. I plan on watching the documentary on the Eagles that is on tomorrow night on CNN.

So what have I been sewing? I now have nearly 3 panels worth of black overlay pieces of my blue abstract sewn down. The hand applique is not going as slowly as I thought it would.

I have already decided (at least I think so) how I am going to quilt this. I guess that is a good thing since I could be basting this one before long.

Do you like the Eagles?

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  1. Yes, I was, and I guess still am, an Eagles fan, although frankly haven't listened to their music much in a long time. Consider their music one of several soundtracks to my youth. Gosh - what a line-up in that concert! Had to soften the blow of the break-up - lol!

    I think we mentally put up these roadblocks about hand work quite needlessly. That knee jerk reaction of "My god, I don't have TIME for this!" It really can move right along!

  2. In the seventies, my DH was more in tune with who played what than I was, as he worked as a techie in radio (the person who actually put the music on the air; not an announcer). When we got together he was working for Montreal's then-most-popular rock and roll station. So he followed the Eagles etc. I liked their music but wouldn't have been able to tell you who sang it! Still can't! I leaned more toward sixties stuff...but would have loved to have seen Linda Ronstadt in concert. I knew who she was, for sure!

  3. Oh, yes. I do like The Eagles. Hard to let them go.
    I like your quilt very much. It has a lot of dimension to it and really draws me in.


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