Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gigantic bag to carry my quilt

The last time I hand quilted a large quilt I carried it around in a gigantic plastic bag. I wanted something a bit nicer this time. I decided to use up a few of the blocks from a quilt that I was working on last year. Check out this link to the quilt.

I decided that I did not like it well enough to make a king sized quilt and pay to have it quilted. It looks much better in the photo than it did in person.

So the bag is about 36 inches wide by 24 inches tall. I was not very neat when I was quilting it since I just wanted to get it done. About half way I was sorry that I was not doing a better job, but it looks good enough. That certainly is a surprising statement coming from me the person obsessed with perfection.

  • I sewed the blocks together and then quilted it to warm and natural batting. I had to clean out my bobbin area after that! 
  • Then added the straps that I made really substantial with decor bond. 
  • After sewing the outside of the bag together I lined it with the turquoise fabric. 
I might sew a snap on the center of the bag so it can snap shut. I will make that decision once I see what it is like with the quilt in it. Right now the bag is floppy, but I suspect that it won't be once the quilt is inside.

In case you missed my last blog the quilt that I will be hand quilting is the house quilt. It is 72 inches by 72 inches. Right now I am waiting for more muslin for the backing. I had bought 9 yards of the muslin, but it was not enough for the front and the backing. The houses really used up more than I thought they would.

In case you are wondering what the quilt is behind the door in the first photo above it is a dinosaur quilt I made my daughter back in 1994. It was hand quilted.

Here is the label on the back of the quilt.

Linking to Nina-Marie a day early because we are heading to NJ today.

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  1. I think that's a great tote bag for large quilts, Chris. You're much more ambitious than I! My bed quilts are either on beds or hanging on two quilt racks...and my small pieces are hanging in the guest room closet. I really like how your house quilt turned out and am sure you'll enjoy hand quilting. I've discovered how lovely it is to quilt by hand, when one doesn't fuss about perfect stitches!

  2. Glad to see someone hand quilting. It's getting to be a lost art. Remember when quilts at shows were all hand quilted and if there was a machine quilted one that they let in it was - oh, that was done by machine, said in a distasteful tone. Now when I see a hand quilted one at a show, I exclaim with glee and admire. And believe me, I can always tell the difference. They are becoming far and few between. What do you use for a hoop? Those white pic pipe things? That's what Inused last time I hand quilted but that was years ago. There is probablly something newer by now although they did work really well.

  3. The bag looks fabulous. I keep telling myself I should make a big one like that but never seem to do it. I've been neglecting my blog buddies recently -- just too much going on. But I've been to Maryland for the quilt show and I turned over the quilt I was making for a donation to be raffled off so I'm taking a mini breather. You'll have lots of comments on your posts!


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