Friday, March 11, 2016

Only 10 to go

The house production is going faster than I thought it would.

I think this quilt is going to look really striking on the wall where I am going to hang it. It is going to end up being about 70 in by 70 in by the time I add the borders. I will get to view this quilt each time I come into the house from the garage.

I decided to buy Dream poly batting for this quilt since I am going to hand quilt it and I wanted something easy to needle as well as light weight to carry around with me. I am looking forward to the hand quilting. I have always enjoyed hand quilting and miss it with all the machine quilting that I do these days. I guess it will be time to think about how to quilt it. The roof is a large area so I will need some kind of design for it as well as the triangle gable shape....maybe something Celtic?  I might even quilt a cat or two in the windows of the houses.

Any ideas for how to quilt it?

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  1. This is gonna be awesome - a very striking quilt for sure. Hand quilting a 70x70 quilt? I am extremely impressed. I would start with just straight lines for the roofs and get fancy withe the fables and Windows.

  2. It's a delightful piece, and I think the idea of a kitty or two here and there in the windows is just right! :-)

  3. I'm not feeling very original in my quilting design thoughts. Shingles in the roofs was my first thought - if not with straight lines perhaps using an upside down clam shell design. Then lines to delineate panes in the windows, horizontal lines for siding. Well I warned you!


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