Saturday, March 5, 2016

You've got to be kidding me!

I just bought a new iron last week and it died today. It was a Black and Decker iron from Amazon that got good reviews. The light is not coming on and it is not heating up. It was doing some strange things before today. I was not sure it was shutting off. When I used steam it sent water out of the holes in the plate when siting it in it's resting position. So an iron I used just a few days has died. Now we have to call Amazon.

As soon as I posted this I checked on the iron and it seems to be working again. Will keep and eye on this...

Also we ordered a rug from Wayfair back in early January. They never sent it so I called them. They assumed that it was lost on their end. She cancelled the order and ordered another one. Then it was out of stock and we were not supposed to have it until April. Two days ago I got a notice that it was shipped. It arrived this morning and guess what?  We got 2 rugs!  WHAT??? As far as I can tell I was only charged for one rug.

My village is expanding. I am getting excited about how this looks. I did finally get an answer from the Marti Michell people about the templates I mentioned in my last blog. The only way you can avoid applique is by making the house with several colors rather than with 2 colors as I am. It is too long to explain that here and I am over the templates by now.

I forgot that I was going to add lights to the power pant or refinery so probably cutting out letters in the silhouette as mention in my last blog would not work. Still things to think about.

Thanks for reading....


  1. Gee whiz! I've heard great things about Black and Decker irons as well, in posts that lament how lame some of the more expensive irons can be. So this must be a lemon. I'd just send it back if it doesn't behave and get a new one. I'm sure that one will work fine.

    Love the cityscape. So beautiful!

  2. I really like those lights!

    Houses lookin' good! Surprised that those templates were from Marti Mitchell. I haven't used many of her products but the few I have were good investments.

    Wouldn't trust that iron - definitely return it. Buy local even if it costs a bit more so that returns are easier to deal with.

    And the rug issue? If that company is that disorganized in tracking orders and shipments, you deserve two rugs for the price of one!

    Boy, aren't I opinionated - lol...


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