Thursday, April 7, 2016

First try at oil refinery

I spent the morning working on my Van Gogh inspired energy quilt for the Art with Fabric Blog hop in May.

Still lots to do, but I think I accomplished a lot this morning.

I still need to add the lights on the refinery that are reflected in the water. I am still deciding how I am going to do them. There are also cut outs in the black silloutte of the buildings that show the sky behind. They will break up the black a bit.

Linking to Nina- Marie a day early. I wonder if she started her piece for the blog hop.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading.



  1. If EB were looking, she'd have a comment about those pins. So I'll make it. :-) It wasn't until I looked at the larger version that I realized the bits of light on the refinery were pinheads & shafts! But they do give a bit of idea of what adding windows will do. This is going to be great! What's the size!

  2. I thought about the pin heads, too! It is about 29 inches wide and about 16 inches tall depending on how much of the water I show. I am thinking of quilting it with a blue metallic thread that I have from superior. Will have to see how easily the thread quilts. Any ideas on creating the lights? Paint? Fabric? Painted dryer sheets, cut up and then fused?

  3. I'm loving this piece and will enjoy seeing it completed.


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