Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Refinery has lights!

I did reverse raw edge applique for the lights as suggested by Sheila. I used the yellows, oranges, and blues that are found in the water reflections.

The pieces are all sewn down so now it is time to move onto the quilting.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Perfect! You don't say the size of the lights...but I'm guessing pretty tiny, for which you have my admiration!

  2. The lights are about 1/4 inch across more or less. It did take a while to cut them out. But the reverse applique was easier than cutting out tiny circles out of fabric.

  3. That looks fabulous - the lights really bring the piece to life. I am surprised that the underlying fabric peaking through to make the lights worked so well. I thought you might have to slip another fabric - perhaps a solid - under the black. Nope!

  4. I particularly like the fact that the lights aren't all the same color. (or so it seems to me!)


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