Monday, July 11, 2016

They're up, they fit, they work, she loved them

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For those that have checked in with my blog you probably know I am talking about the Roman shades that I made my daughter. We went to Boston over the weekend and the shades were taken and installed.
Here they are ready to go to Boston.

Here they are installed. My husband hung them before she got home from work. Boy was she surprised! Her condo is in an old box factory. She has one wall of old brick.

Now that they are done and hung the whole project did not seem that bad. How soon we forget!
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  1. They look wonderful, Chris! Do you make house calls? ;-)

  2. What a cool space! I can see why she wanted Roman shades. They DO look great! And thank goodness she loved them. ;-)

  3. Gorgeous - especially with the light coming through the blinds. What a lucky daughter.

  4. As soon as you said Roman shades and old building, I went, "Oh. Poor thing." They are a real chore to make to hang straight, and if the opening isn't just so, you're sunk. So congratulations to you for the construction, and another to your husband on expert hanging technique! A custom job well done.


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