Friday, August 26, 2016

Grateful to be alive

I know I have not posted in more than a month. After finishing the Roman shades for my daughter (see my last blog) I lost any interest in quilting. In the last year I have made 7 quilts. I guess my creativity has worn a little thin. Yesterday I finally did some hand quilting on my house quilt. So maybe I will get back my creative mojo.

But back to the title of this blog. I am grateful to be a live and uninjured. On Sunday we were in an accident. My Prius was hit by a Ford Explorer that was out of control. It hit the door behind my husband and sent us flying across the highway into the grassy median where we hit a highway sign. Thank goodness it was a wooden pole that just gave way and fell down. Thank goodness we were not hit by any other car or truck. Thank goodness she did not hit my husband's door. At any rate the car is totaled. It was a 2008 Prius and only had 74000 miles on it. We could have driven it for many more years. And I liked my car. Now I have to get a new one. Driving a new car always makes me nervous and now after this accident I am really nervous. I see danger everywhere.

On a happier note I think I found an art quilt group to join. I will be going to a meeting coming up to see if I am compatible with them. I am excited. I have to take some of my quilts to the meeting. I guess one of them will be the cardinal quilt....

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Margaret said...

Oh Chris!! SO glad to know you and your DH came out of that craziness okay. Trusting the other driver had insurance to cover what you need...and also hope if there are charges pending she won't raise a stink. Whoa! Sending you a HUG across the miles!

P.S. Hope the new group is a source of friendship, comfort and energy especially right now.

Chris said...

Thanks, Margaret. The older woman driving the car was not even the owner of the car. The other insurance company has taken full liability. The only trouble is I am sure they never give you enough money to buy an new car when your car is totaled. So we will be out money regardless.

Norma Schlager said...

What a harrowing and terrifying experience! Yes, you are lucky to be alive, but what a lot of aggravation to follow. Thanks for including the picture of your charming cardinal. It's a great little piece!

Sharon Richards said...

Though my Prius accident was not as scary as yours, I also had to buy a new car because some "goof" plowed into my rear end at a stop light.

It's been 18 months ago, and I'm still calling him terrible names (in my mind).

Cost ME a lot of money for HIS negligence!

deborah lyn said...

Oh Chris, I am so grateful you and your husband escaped further harm. I'm sorry such a horrific accident happened and tremendously thankful for the safety guard upon you. I'm grateful too that you have found a group to try out. I hope you find a fit. Sending my love and hugs, deborah

Chris said...

Sharon, I will probably be angry for a while as well. The woman driving the Ford Explorer was really wacky. One minute she was apologizing and the next minute she was yelling at us. She also was yelling at the cop. I was wondering if she was on something. She didn't even know why it happened.

Chris said...

Thanks, Deborah

Guess I will have to work out my anger and frustration in a quilt!

Bonnie said...

Yikes! Hope by now any soreness of the body has disappeared with no longer term issues. Yep, a totaled car never pays for a new car, which we learned when a deer jumped out and hit Pat. Sorry you don't have your normal quilting mojo. Maybe you should try to little improv pieces. I've heard of people who try to sew one little piece a day and in a little while they are back in the groove, so to speak. Must admit to being MIA in reading your blog. Some of it I have excuse for -- moving, others no excuse. I did want to comment on your bean making a few months back-- you must be getting out and enjoying your new community. We've gone to more potlucks since we moved in in June the. The last three years. We are both enjoying our new neighborhood. My studio is getting in better shape but it'll take a lot more time before it is all together -- I'de rather be making quilts than cleaning up and finding places for everything. Did you like the guild you went to?