Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quilting ideas for "Tequila Sunrise"

Just thinking about ideas for quilting for this top. Initially I thought about vertical quilting, but thought I might be able to be a bit more creative than that to draw attention to the pieced inserts. I broke the quilt into sections. I drew it in red as well as blue, but will probably use blue thread for the quilting. What do you think? At this point it is a rough idea. I love my Apple Pencil and my new iPad for doing things like this! Thanks for reading.....


  1. I'd probably stick with blue thread, being that I'm so conservative about how much of a star the quilting should be. But you are so right to mix it up and not default to just vertical quilting lines. Besides, don't you need some horizontal lines to carry out your sunrise theme? A nod to the horizon line whether it's really there or not?

  2. what app are you using on your ipad to do the quilt lines


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