Friday, March 3, 2017

Deep in the winter

I did do some sewing this week even though my neck from the car accident last August still hurts. It seems the muscles relax and then tighten up again. When they tighten up the pain level goes up. Looks like more PT and then my doctor wants me to see an orthopedist. How frustrating that that visit is not going to be until March 31.

I sewed strip sets together for the gray and brown fabrics that I am using for my improv mod quilt, cut them up for the columns and then arranged them on my design wall. I needed to buy more black fabric so I colored the photo in where the black fabric should go. The colors of this quilt reminded me of winter so I think I will call it "Deep in the Winter." I may have to make a quilt like this with a white background, too!

I have also rethinking the quilting for my red and black quilt called "Broken." Some new ideas below. I know the red is pretty obvious, but I will use a thin red thread and the quilting will not be as in your face as it seems in the images below. The top is outlined in red so that the edges would show up when I sent it into Jacquie Gering at Craftsy for her input. I asked for her input before I incorporated words into the vertical borders. I probably will bind it in black and not red.

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Any thoughts?



  1. I love your vertical piecing. I agree that it might be fabulous to make one with a white or cream background. They'd hang so beautifully together!

  2. I have been neglecting you and boy have you been making beautiful pieces. I love the reds with the black.

  3. Your vertical piecing has lots of visual impact! Those colors do suggest many of the aspects of winter. I love your Broken piece and the vertical orientation of the words--a very strong work that packs a lot of emotion.

  4. "We are broken" resonated with me. The words so fit the piecing, and I like the subtlety that it is in the quilting.


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