Friday, March 10, 2017

Another top done

I finished piecing "Deep in the winter" and have begun thinking about how I will quilt it. I think it needs some curves to give it some motion.

Finished top. 

My idea for quilting it. Probably will pick a medium to dark gray thread.

I started quilting the "Broken" quilt. I decided to go with something that looks like this. As I do the actual quilting I have to vary it somewhat from the sketch. No surprise there.

I printed out the enlarged pattern for my "Toxic Still/Spill Life" quilt. It will be about 40 inches by 23 inches. I will get to work on this after I finish quilting "Broken."

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  1. Looks like you've got a snowstorm going on that winter quilt. I like it!

  2. For the Deep in Winter piece.... have you considered using a silver metallic thread for quilting? Might add the sparkle that snow has in bright sunlight.

  3. I like the curves -- definitely snow or sleet. I wouldn't get carried away with sparkle, though. It looks like a 'night' quilt to me, and there's no sparkle on snow at night unless under a bright moon or some other light source. Just a thought.


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