Friday, June 9, 2017

The world we knew or living in the past?

I did get my large blue and orange quilt pieced this week. Still having a hard time getting a good photo due to the windows in my studio. I guess I should be glad that it is a warm sunny day today after so many bleak and cold ones. I keep reminding myself that it is June since it feels more like April.

Here is a close up shot. I am still tossing around titles.

  • The World We Knew
  • Living in the Past
I have used some of my fossil fuel fabrics for many of the orange blocks. I chose blue fabric to surround the orange because it a complimentary color, but also because the climate crisis will cause the oceans to rise as more ice melts and even more greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. When ice melts the methane stored in the ice is released into the air making the climate crisis even worse. Methane also causes warming. The blue represents the rising oceans.

I want the title for the quilt to represent our refusal to move away from energy sources from the past and the consequences for this refusal. Which title would you pick? Or maybe you have another idea?

Here is a photo of the fossil fuel fabric that I used in many of the blocks. I had it printed at Spoonflower.

The other thing I did this week was to make covers for composition notebooks. I ended up using instructions that I found at Craftsy. The pattern is free.

The first one is what I got when I cut up a quilt I was not happy with.

 And yes you would be right if you think the quilt would be big enough to make 2 journal covers. I accidentally sewed the second one with the wrong side facing out. Yes I know that is really dumb. I just tossed it in the trash because I was not going to rip it out and try again!

Here is the inside of the cover. I was not happy with where the pattern place the ribbon marker. So I moved it when I made 2 more covers. The 2 covers are from a quilt top that I made about 15 years ago from African fabrics. I never made it into a quilt and put it aside to cover a journal some day.

African journal showing new placement of ribbon bookmark.

The 2 African journals.  If I were to sell these how much could I sell them for?

I have to make my husband one with the Penn State Lion on it! But today I will pin baste a large quilt.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I just love the journal covers. The geometric one it think is really cool. I am surprised that you didn't like it as a quilt - it appeals to me, but it does make a lovely journal cover! ~smile~

  2. Living In The Past more closely fits your intent for the message of the quilt I think. The journal covers turned out well.


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