Saturday, June 10, 2017

Giving my new machine a workout

I did not stop at making the quilted notebook covers as shown in my last blog. I got out a kit to make plastic mesh storage containers. My husband bought me the kit at Nancy's notions a couple of years ago. I looked at their website today and now they have the mesh in lots of colors instead of just black. These were pretty easy to make and I already put stuff in them!  Sometimes I wonder what gets me motivated to make something that has been sitting around for years. One day I just decide to make it. Why today? Why didn't I do it a year ago? I guess that's just one of the mysteries of motivation. Does this happen to you?


  1. Every once in a while that impulse hits me too, Chris. A few years back I stumbled on 3 twelve-month sampler throw kits I'd collected as blocks-of-the-month and never made. Over 3 years, at one BOM, I got them all done, quilted and given away. Now I am ploughing through scraps with a string piecing project and a postage stamp one. I can let these go for ages and then sit down one weekend and knock out 1/2 dozen of each. Eventually the scraps will be used and the tops (or at least, blocks!) will be made...Ditto for knitting projects!

    P.s. Love those containers -- but not inspired to follow suit! ;-)

  2. Oh yes indeed it does happen to me! Which explains why years later I am making a slew of pinwheel quilts with blocks from a couple of bees. I love these little boxes. I have some bright pink mesh that I got at a retreat 2 or three years ago. I've bought a pattern to make a tote bag with it but these boxes are just too cute. I'm going to pop over to Nancy's Notions to see if the pattern is there. Yours look great.

  3. Oh definitely. I sometimes call it the stars aligning when I suddenly get the urge and actually follow through to work on something that's been lingering. Other times it's sheer frustration at having an idea or a kit or a pattern taking a back seat for so long that I just say the heck with it. YOU are going to get worked on today. :-)


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