Friday, June 16, 2017

"Stuck in the Past"

I finished quilting the rather large (64 by 64 inch) blue and orange quilt. I almost ran out of thread which was a King Tut thread from Superior threads. I was relieved that I finished the quilting with a bit to spare on the spool. I still can't get a good photo.

I just did straight line quilting about 1/2 inch apart. When I was about half way though the quilting I began to have doubts about what I chose to do. Maybe I should have done something more dynamic like wavy lines. Well that is a hell of a thing to think about when you are half done with the quilting. There was no way I was going to rip out all that quilting and start over. Then I had doubts about the thread I chose. I began to wonder if there is ever going to be a quilt that I have no second thoughts about what I have chosen to do. I guess not.

Here is a better photo of what the colors really look like.

Am I alone is all this second guessing? Do you have the same thoughts? Now I am wondering if I should have even made this quilt and whether I should hang it on the wall or not. Time to go back to the corroded barrels and get moving on it as well as the Amsterdam canal houses. Enough with geometric quilts.

I want to bind it in the fabric that I used for some of the blocks and the backing, but I don't have enough left. At any rate it will be bound in dark blue.

Here it is folded and ready for binding.

Thanks for reading. Since it is Friday I will link to Nina-Marie.

Comments about the quilt are welcome. Maybe I have been looking at it too long!



  1. It's great -- the blues and oranges, the simplicity...Love it!

  2. The quilting is a perfect choice imho. And you know how I second guess everything! The colors work well, those blues so great against the oranges. Hang it on the wall and live with it for awhile. You may be surprised at how your feelings about it change once out of the studio.

  3. Beautiful and lovely creations! I especially liked the choice of the fabric and you have wonderful precision and neatness in quilting.


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