Saturday, October 4, 2008

Working on a New Mini

I felt like I needed to take a break from working on some of my landscape quilts so I decided to make a mini quilt. The quilt that I started making yesterday is a design by Kathleen Tracy, the moderator of the Small Quilt Talk yahoo group that I belong to. Kathy is the author of American Doll Quilts, Prairie Children and Their Quilts, and a third book, Remembering Adelia, being published early next year. This block is called an Anvil block and is the October challenge for the group. Her website is

At first I wasn't going to make the quilt since I am so busy with school stuff, but I found some left over squares from a previous quilt that I made so I decided to give it a shot. I am moving along fairly quickly with the quilt and I am ready to start putting the blocks together. It feels good to use up these left over squares.

Yesterday I made the half square triangle block units and today I have worked on sewing those together in pairs. I also make the 4 patch block for the centers of each block. The overall size of the anvil block is 4 inches so that makes each block that makes up the quilt only 1 inch square. Well back to the sewing machine!


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  1. I like the center part of anvil done scrappy. I've got my blocks made now to decide how to put them together. Bonnie


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