Monday, December 29, 2008

Husband Loved His "Scotland the Brave" Quilt Top

Well another Christmas has come and gone. It always amazes me how the preparation for Christmas goes on for weeks and weeks and how quickly the actual day passes. My daughter loves her Nikon D40 which was pretty much her only gift. She has been taking photos like crazy. Now we have to figure out what kind of case to get her for it. If you have a SLR and have a camera case that you love let me know about it....thanks!

My husband had very few ideas for gifts for himself this year so we had to come up with a few on our own. We got him spicy candy. One was chocolate covered toffee with cayenne pepper in it and the other was caramels with habanero peppers in them. Yes, we do eat really spicy food in our house. We also bought him a stone mold to make shortbread which is one of his favorite cookies. I did finish the quilt top and he loved it. He even figured out that the silhouette of the bagpiper was him. After looking at it for about 1 minute he asked, "Is that me in the middle of the quilt?" I thought for sure that he had seen the quilt before Christmas since I had it hanging on the design wall in my sewing room. He claims that he did not even peak at it while it was hanging there. That is so much better than what I would be able to do. As a kid I used to sneak into my parent's closet and find all of the presents. I am not as bad as an adult, but I am still tempted to sneak a peak!

What did I get? I got my wonderful Sew Perfect Sewing Table. I have been using it for a few weeks already. I also got a wonderful book called "Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project". My daughter bought me the DVD for the "Nightmare Before Christmas"....I guess to get my ornament idea for next year! (My daughter loved the Mayor ornament that I made for her this year.) I also got some people for my New England Village set up. My MIL bought me a bendable bright light that I attached to my machine today.

All in all another wonderful Christmas with family....


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